Used Equipment: Batch Temper Furnace by Pacific Industrial Furnace

Batch Temper Furnace by Pacific Industrial Furnace

Stock #: U-3637

Manufacturer: Pacific Industrial Furnace

Type: Gas Fired Batch Tempering Furnace

Serial/Model No.: P2599B/PKMD100GRTDE

Load Dimensions: 30” wide x 48” deep x 24” high

Overall Dimensions: 7’10” wide x 6’5” deep x 10’ high

Approximate Weight: 6000 pounds

Maximum Temperature: 1600°F

(8) Eclipse vertical radiant burner tubes
4” diameter tubes
(4) burner tubes per side (bottom fired)
400,000 BTU total

Eclipse turbo blower
Tubular roller hearth
Roof mounted recirculating fan

Download PDF Document: U-3637

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