Stock #: C-0201

C-0201 Abar Ipsen Vacuum Oil Quench Furnace (36"W x 48"L x 30"H, 2300ºF, elect)


Stock #: U-3812

Manufacturer: Surface Combustion Serial-Number: BC-44592 Type: Washer – Spray/Dunk/Agitate (Smart-Skim system), 5 HP spray pump Heated: Natural Gas, 300 CFH, 1000 BTU/cuft Power: 460 Volts, 3-Phase...


Stock #: U-3808

Manufacturer: Surface Combustion Type: Endothermic Gas Generator Model: RX-3T-ABPE Capacity: 6,000 CFH (3 retorts) Serial-Number: AC-44420-1 Fuel: Nat. Gas 520 CF per hour, 1000 BTU/CF Power: 480 V...

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